We are Essential Oils Distillers Company and produce Pure Essential Oils in Turkey. Our company Aksu has been exporting Essential Oils, mainly bay laurel leaves oil, oregano oil, fennel oil, marjoram oil, lemon oil, orange oil, eucalyptus oil, coriander oil, anise oil, juniper oil, cumin oil, myrtle oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil to France, England, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Canada, USA, Japan, Korea and other countries. The products of our company are produced in our health and environment sensitive factory and are quality control warranted. The main raw herbs are hand picked from high altitudes of Taurus Mauntains, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, southern Turkey, under our close supervision. All of our oils are extracted from wild plants.

Oil of Oregano and other Essential Oils business is our specialty. They are never farmed; no pesticides or herbicides are used. Plus, our wild herbs grow in original virgin soil, stil rich in minerals. No chemicals are used during the production. Our products are unmatched in purity and sourcing, never genetically modified or irradiated. We always welcome your questions, comments and experiences with our products. We offer private label for retailers, contract manufacturing, product development.