Wild Oregano Water [Hydrosol]

Custom formulation
On-Time delivery
Ministery inspected registered facility
Complete manufacturuing and packing
Private label manufacturuing

Wild harvested in Turkey
It is extracted in a natural process, i,e steam distilled
Wildcrafted and/or organic
100% food sourced
Additive free
Solvent free
Grown on native soils
From unpolluted, remote sources
Ecologically conscious
GMP certified

Oregano Oil
Origanum Vulgare
70% Carvacrol
Oregano oil. The largest essential oil after rose. Turkey dominates the global support of oregano oil, supplying around 80% of global needs. Annual production in the range 100 to 120 tonnes. The oil is derived from a range of species: Origanum, Thymus, Thymbra, Coridothymus and Satureja. Most of the oil production is from wild harvested material. Principle areas are in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, together with some production in Marmara region. Origanum dubium gives the highest oil yield, in the range 5 to 8%. Optimum harvest time for oil production is just as the flower buds form.
 Wild Oregano Oil [Bulk]